Omega Mixers Volumetric Mixers & Portable Concrete Batch Plants

Omega Mixers have been manufacturing the industry's most innovative mixers and forumulas for over 30 years. Omega's Volumetric Mixers / Portable Concrete Batch Plants offer a flexibility that is superior to traditional barrel concrete mixers. With Omega's Portable Concrete Batch Plant, concrete can be mixed on site instead of at a mixing facility, extending the time frame the concrete can be used and eliminating waste. Mixture adjustments can be made on the fly, eliminating downtime waiting for a new batch to be brought in and offering far greater control for your project needs.

The Omega Volumetric Mixer and the Portable Concrete Batch Plant are built to order, based on your specific mixing needs, with output capacities ranging from three (3) cubic yards per hour to over ten (10) cubic yards per hour. Omega has developed a comprehensive list of formulas for concrete mixes.


All Modular Components with Heavy Duty Construction

10 Cubic Yard Divided Aggregate/Sand Hopper (55/45) - 5 Panels All Individually Removable

100 Cubic Foot Cement Bin With Internal Low-Noise Vibrators

500 Gallon Water Tank with Baffles Mounted on Easy fill internal Filter Hydraulic Tank.

Adjustable Production Rate up To 60 Yards Per Hour

Two Admix Tanks Electronically Administered System (12-gallon tanks for High Flow & Low Flow)

24"Wide Chain Driven Conveyor Belt Material Delivery System With Auto Oiler For Chain

Advanced High Energy, 9'Foot, 12"Diameter Mixing Auger.

Sealed Mixer Bearing System for Mixing Auger

Standard Factory Color White Components with Black Conveyor Assembly

Self-Adjusting Conveyor Belt Tensioner

Standard Two Vibrators on Sand Side of Aggregate Bin "Electronic Variable Control."

Standard Two (2), Four (4) Foot Chute

Hydraulic Horizontal Left-Right Swivel Control

Twin Cylinder Hydraulic Vertical Lift System

Hydraulic Motor Driven Cement Delivery System (Flowable Fill)

Premium Flat Face "O"Ring Hidraulic Fittings

Quantity Four (Rear) WOrking Lights (Including Conveyor Light)

Non-Resettable Counter On Control Panel for Material Monitoring

3-Way Wash Out Valves on Admix System For Easy Flush Out

No Waste Gate Material Stop

All Digital Tack and Flow Meters

Hydraulic Gates

Integral Boot

Rear Ladder With Full Platform and Safety Gate

Volumetric Mixer:

One (1) 500-Gallon Internal Water Tank with Internal Hydraulic Tank Inside the Water Tank (Patent Pending)

Six (6), Eight (8), Ten (10), or Twelve (12), Cubic Yard Material Hopper with Variable Speed Production Rate.

Cement Hopper/80/100/125 Cubic Foot, Low Center of Gravity Design

Hydraulically Operated Controls with Variable Speed Flow Controls for Belt and Cement

Pneumatic System for Controlling Vibrators mounted on Ag Bin and Cement Bin.

High Capacity, Advanced Designed Mixing Auger Chamber

Fully Automatic, Expandable Ad-Mixture Injection System

Electrical Control Panel for Ease of Operation & Control of Water Pump, Admix Systems, and Work Lights.

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Benefits of Volumetric Mixing and the Omega Concrete Mixer

Solves the Daily problems of Batch Plant deliveries

Ability to access remote locations

No order minimums

No delivery delays or quality issues due to traffic or other delays

No expensive deliveries after hours or on holidays

The Omega Concrete Solution to Batch Plant deliveries

Fresh concrete when you need it and where you need it

Orders available for any volume of concrete

Can access locations barrel trucks can’t due to terrain or time constraints

Can be utilized as an onsite batch plant for continuous pours

Easy and Effective Operation

One person – One truck operation

Control delivery logistics

No relying on outside resources

Fast and reliable

Simple to operate

Simple and cost effective maintenance

Superior Quality

Any concrete specification, superior quality

Accurate control of all your mixes

Ability to change mix design when required

No Hot Loads

Fresh and workable concrete

Cost Effective

Reduced operational costs

Reduced labor force

Can operate at any time, no additional costs

Eliminates over ordering

No waste, use what you need

Enhanced return on investment

Mobile Concrete Mixing Equipment

Traditional concrete mixing trucks are limited to time and distance from the batch plant and are unable to adjust the mixture on the fly. The Omega Mobile Concrete Batch Plants are able to access locations that barrel trucks can’t reach because of terrain or time constraints, mix only the materials needed and greatly reduce waste.

MIXES of all types, in the right quantity and quality

With over 30 years developing the exact formulas for every mix, the Omega can produce Standard Concrete, High Specification Concrete, Grout Mixes, Pump Mixes, Slurry Mixes, Rapid-Set Mixes, Pervious Mixers, Shot-Crete and Gunite Mixes, Low to No-Slump Mixes, High Slump Mixes, Flowable Fill, Fiber Concrete, Colored Concrete, Fly Ash and Soil Stabilization.

The Omega Solution to Batch Plant deliveries

With Omega there are no order minimums, no delivery delays or quality issues. Expensive deliveries after hours or on holidays are eliminated, giving you fresh concrete when and where you need it. Any volume of concrete, the Omega system is an onsite batch plant for continuous pours up to 10+ cubic yards per hour, hour after hour.

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