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Ital Mexicana S.A.

Earth & Concrete Block Equipment

Ital Mexicana has been the leading manufacturer of high quality Earth Block and Concrete Block making equipment in Latin America for more than 50 Years. Ital started a social housing program called "Échule A Tu Casa" whose mission has been to integrate families to self produce eco-friendly construction materials and self produce their own dignified housing, generating jobs and enticing sustainable development as well as integrating the community in a productive activity. To date, this program has successfuly built over 30,000 homes in Mexico alone as well as created countless jobs, improving the quality of life for those with the lowest levels of socioeconomic status.

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Omega Mixers

Portable Mixing Solutions that Eliminate Waste

Omega Mixers have been manufacturing the industries most innovative mixers and developing the best quality formulas for over 30 years. Omega's Volumetric Mixers / Portable Concrete Batch Plant's offer a flexibility that is superior to traditional concrete mixers. With Omega's Portable Concrete Batch Plant, concrete can be mixed on site instead of at a mixing facility, extending the time frame the concrete can be used and eliminating waste. Mixture adjustments can be made on the fly, eliminating downtime waiting for a new batch to be brought in and offering far greater control for your project needs.

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Interlocking Earth Block Press

The BP714 uses a unique double compression technology that produces block strengths exceeding the compressive strength required for concrete block. To insure your success, it is recommended that the BP714 is sold as a complete system / success package, that includes a spare parts kit, a soil test kit, a pan mixer and most importantly, two weeks of on-site training on all aspects of your block making & construction business.

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Small Scale Solar Installations

Specializing in Solar for Farm Applications

Working with one of the largest solar suppliers in the world, we offer Solar configurations that are typically 20kW or larger with installation times as little as 24 to 48 hours, start to finish. Ground mounted panels are the most common installation method we use because every farm building differs in its type of construction, strength and orientation. Ground mounting also gives us more options for locations and for establishing the optimum angle for the panels in order to maximize their effectiveness. However, we can and do utilize existing farm structures such as barn roofs when feasible, which can reduce the cost of mounting hardware.

Currently our systems are integrated or "tied" to the local power grid. If a client wishes to be entirely off the power grid, it requires a more thorough analysis of costs. An "off-grid" system is typically three to ten times more expensive than "grid-tied" systems due to the different and additional equipment required and especially if battery backup is needed.

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