Solutions for a Cleaner Greener World

Habitat-Verde was created to bring the latest in GREEN construction technologies and innovations to North & South America. We firmly believe in environmentally friendly solutions that are not only good for our planet, but make sense financially – now and in the future.

Affordable & Sustainable Building Solutions

This industry is emerging rapidly and we promise to deliver you the best equipment and service within your budget.

Experienced Management Team

Our team has a combined experience of more than twenty years in green construction and products. We will assist you every step of the way, from idea to completion.

Empowered Social Housing

Governments around the world are working to address the ever increasing need for affordable housing. Often these projects are done under budgetary constraints that result in poorly constructed homes when traditional building methods are used. The result is undignified homes that are small and uncomfortable that quickly become a social disaster. Ital Mexicana and ¡Échale! a tu Casa have developed a system that is not only affordable, but teaches and empowers the homeowners who participate, giving them a sense of pride as they contribute to their own home's design and construction.

Equipment and Technologies for a Greener Planet

Habitat Verde

  • Authorized Reseller of Quality Equipment
  • Years of Experience Using Ecologically Friendly Building Materials
  • Offering Sensible Solutions for Housing of All Types
  • Quality Compressed Earth Blocks Can Be Made On-Site for Local Construction

Habitat Verde

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