Ital Mexicana S.A. Block Making & Ancillary Equipment

More than 20 years ago, Ital began making compressed earth block equipment and is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of this technology. With several models of block presses to choose from, to all of the ancillary equipment need to automate the process, Ital manufactures it all. Ital was started with concrete equipment imported from Italy but the owners began fabricating their own equipment over fifty years ago. They now manufacture an entire range of concrete block making equipment including sophisticated automated factories with robotic unloaders to stack the blocks as they are produced, with volumes up to 20,000 blocks in eight hours.

Full Product Line

Ital Mexicana is a full service manufacturer. Their equipment includes the entire range of machines necessary to automate the process of block making. From shake tables, to conveyors, to dosimeters for measuring the materials being mixed, to water meters that add the right proportion of water, to stacking equipment for moving the blocks for curing.

The TADPRESS 3000, Interlocking blocks

Homes For Those In Need

Ital develops machinery but more importantly, uses and improves that machinery for its intended purpose. Through a subsidiary organization, Echale a tu Casa! the Ital equipment is used to construct dignified homes for social housing projects. The houses are built by the communities themselves, with Echale’s supervision and training. The community members are paid to build their own homes, homes that they helped design. The results are housing projects that strengthen the community while creating quality homes for each and every community family.

Homes Of The Highest Quality

The very same building material produced by Ital’s extensive line of equipment can be used to build designer homes, combining the uniqueness of architectural design with the greenest building material available today. Not only are the houses beautiful, they are comfortable, quiet and blend beautifully with other natural materials such as wood or stone. And they are strong – the home above was subject to a 6.9 earthquake shortly after it was completed, and no damage occurred.

From The Most Basic To Fully Automated

Ital Mexicana has been in business over sixty years and is Latin America’s leader in concrete and compressed earth block equipment. Their versatility and flexibility allows them to customize factory setups for the client. Using the highest quality materials, their machines are built to last and the client can choose how basic or how sophisticated their factory will be.